Embracing Change

New month…New season…New beginning
And just like that, the seasons have once again changed…gradually, gracefully and ever so silently. This year I have been more alert and observant of nature. I have watched the life return to the bare and barren trees and I have seen the open fields come alive with the vibrant colours of flowers. I have risen with the sun and the songs of the birds and I have frolicked in the gleaming midday rays. I have been bitten with the sweet smelling scent of a new Season, a new beginning and a fresh start! 
There are hidden messages in nature and  one of the things I love about a new season is that it inspires change. Spring brings with it a sense of hope and renewal and a sense of calm after the storm…it rejuvenates the spirit, but probably the most welcoming thing of all would be that it brings with it a change of wardrobe too!
I must admit, sometimes I allow my lifestyle to get in the way of my personal style! Being a stay at home mom makes it easy to fall into the trap of trading in one’s appearance and style for comfort and practicality. Without much risk of anyone (work colleagues) to witness one’s fashion faux pas…hiding behind big shades and the cars wheel…makes it all the more easy to fall prey to this vicious little cycle of getting too comfortable with making no effort.
Day to day, I don’t take fashion too seriously, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like dressing up at all. When the opportunity unveils itself, I enjoy rising to the occasion! In fact, I actually love putting an outfit together despite not ‘dressing up’ on a daily basis. If this changing season has taught me anything at all, it is that dressing up is a lot like Spring….It enhances the mood and lifts the spirits and provides a different viewpoint of the same backdrop!
I think I am going to embrace this change that has started to trickle through me. This self sacrilege for the sake of motherhood is no longer necessary. From now on I think I will embrace my personal style in the same way the trees in Spring embrace the leaves that have been absent for so long…
Happy Spring everyone!


My Look
Top : Zara
Jeans : Woolworths
Shoes : Call it Spring
Turquoise necklace : Honey Jewellery (Gift from Moon)
Earrings : Foschini
Rings : Lovisa
Sunglasses : Cotton On
Photography: Larry English Photography
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