Count On Me

Sometimes, while growing up, we think about the things we do not have, the unfulfilled dreams, the missing pieces of our puzzle; that sometimes we overlook the pieces of fabric that has created our unique little tent…our guard against the elements of the world.

It is true, the bond of cousins is something very unique…created through a common stream of blood…strengthened by endless hours of cheerful interaction, all piled up on a sofa, or a bed, or squeezed into a car; cousins share a family, share memories and secrets, share a life and a bond that is alike no other!!
But sometimes our stories, the fabric of our lives, are so intricately woven together, that the beginning of one thread and the ending of another is impossible to tell apart. Sometimes our stories are so closely stitched and over-locked, that the very seams of that bond is impossible to separate. Sometimes…a cousin transcends the bond of a cousin and becomes a brother…
Looking back at all the memories, the captured moments that are just fragmented pieces of the bond you share, that stretches way back to before the advent of digital photography…you kids have very rarely been separated or apart. From birth to pre-school, morning school trips and packing school lunches, to afternoon pick ups and weekend movies, Sunday cycles and Summer holidays….to days of complete and utter boredom, random jokes and teasing each other into a frenzy! You guys speak a language of your own.
Watching your bond blossom, being part of the journey and seeing you all thrive in this unique and extraordinary relationship has been rewarding to observe. It gives me hope, provides a soothing and comforting solace in a wicked world…that the ties that bind you, that draws you closer to each other will make the perils of the world very difficult to penetrate, as long as you stick together and continue to look out for each other as you always do.
I hope someday, when you look back on your life, you will remember your tent fondly…made up of different pieces…us…all stitched together tightly and I hope you will see the beauty in it all. Always together. Always united. Always committed to our bond!
Happy Birthday Agu!
Forever a part of the fabric of my life…
Love Always,

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