Family Time

When the older of my kids were young, things were harder, but easier…Having two kids a year apart, while still discovering who I was, was an extremely challenging time in my life. But at the same time, things were also easy. Doing things and planning outings and activities for kids the same age was easy. Managing two small kids the same age was NIGHTMARISH…but managing two small kids together seemed easier once they started to do things – EVERYTHING – together. Homework time, library visits, trips to the park, beach, aquarium, swimming…times were tough, but also simple!
In some ways, I wish I didn’t wait six years to have my third child (gasp!). Sure enough, a lot of things came a whole lot easier. I was more settled and stronger as a person. I had a much better idea of where I was headed and what I was doing. I was a much more confident Mom…and the older kids settled into their older sister and brother roles instantaneously, which made things – dare I say it – Easier!
But having an age gap that is slightly larger means that interests differ. That their idea of fun will differ. The movies they may want to watch will differ. Their capabilities and skill – differs. Which in turn makes family outings, not difficult, but a compromise… little one being the one that compromises a little too frequently.
As a mom, it is important to me to strike a balance and be fair. All my kids need me and need me differently. The bigger two have an advantage of always being able to do things together. But it is also heart-warming to see that they both very much love to see their little brother happy too. And as much as Zaydaan compromised a lot when he was younger, the bigger two are returning the favour, often sacrificing things they really want to do in favour of doing things they all can be a part of.
We finally seem to have found some sort of balance. Dividing the time equally to ensure everyone’s needs are fulfilled and engages everyone’s interests. One that instils sacrifice, compromise and patience. One that strengthens the value of Family time…It takes a little extra planning, but is certainly not impossible 🙂
With Cape Town really showing off with some glorious weather and seemingly in full bloom (kinda) lately, we finally made it back onto our bicycles, taking full advantage of our early Spring and fresh morning air! Zee is still not big enough to make the long trek with us, but our new balancing act made sure that he had enough fun of his own!!
Here’s a few pics of what we got up to over the past two glorious weekends…

Cape Town has really been showing off lately.

My son came prepared with permanent markers!

Caring for him comes naturally to her…

Leaving our mark
My son left his twitter handle and a please follow me! hahahahaha Where do they think these things up!?
Well…this happened. No comment
Diet? What diet?YOLO right??
Besides…we worked it off  anyway!
The guys went for another cycle while us girls played with Zee


 Be back soon little brother.


 Too many park pics to post…trust me, we did everything!

 His smile says it all
One of his highlights…the blue train

Bigger kids not too big for a train ride

This park has undergone quite a bit of improvements! Will definitely pop in more often.

I’m a total fashion disaster…but at least I was winning in the mommy stakes 🙂
Absolutely thrilled with this little adventure!

Cheering…and filming along. The perks of technology!


Have a fabulous weekend everyone and thanks for reading!

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