Eid-Ul-Fitr 2014

This year for me, the month of Ramadaan has been one of my best I have had in years…With the kids being home during the month and no need for carting them around and sticking to a homework schedule, the atmosphere was more relaxed. More focused on our requirements and sacrifices. More spiritual. Added to that my mini kitchen strike whereby I cut down on extravagance, then I’d say we made a giant leap in progress. Progress I intend to fully build on…
But this year, in some ways, has also been the hardest. The raging war in Palestine has been a paralysing factor for my soul and I am struggling to come to terms with all the atrocities that currently consumes the world!
As a result, I have found it a bit harder this year to regain my normal routine since the fast has ended. Sure enough the kids are back at school, I’ve been back at gym, homework rush and cooking extra meals…but my heart and mind have been reluctant to get caught up in the pursuit of worldly affairs. I’ve been doing all the things I need to, but there’s a certain detachment from the world that has enclosed my heart.

So Eid for me wasn’t filled with all the usual  vibrance and excitement. We toned things down a lot this year in remembrance and solidarity of all those suffering around the globe. Nevertheless, Eid is still a celebration we need to honour and the kids earned and deserved it for their month of sacrifice! Plus the time spent with my family and extended family made me focus on and appreciate my abundant blessings!

Silly me forgot to clear my memory card of my camera and buy fresh batteries…but I did manage to capture the highlights of the day…mostly of the kids, a few of me, and my husband managed to completely avoid the camera, so none of him! LOL

Off to Mosque


So fortunate to be able to share these moments with our parents still…
A wonderful tradition of attending mosque with the head of the family.

My brother and his boys…so far yet very much a part of our day (and his wife of course)…thanks to Skype!

My handsome photographer off duty for the day.
 Sibling love…

Besties…cousins and friends forever

Mom and sons…

Always together…from now until forever!

Mother and son…looking more like sister and brother!
Beautiful Moon

Favourite son-in-law?

Precious moments

Love this vintage flower arrangement
Matchy matchy!




Mom and her favourite…yes that’s me 😉

 A bond that is priceless and timeless
Family is Forever
Thanks for reading.

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