Pray For Gaza

This past week has been quite emotionally draining for me and it has been impossible for me to separate myself from the recent unfolding events in Palestine. My kids have told me I’m a little obsessed, but I feel almost guilty to carry on as normal after reading and seeing what I have this past week.
It didn’t make sense to me to write a recipe or about random events when in some parts of the world people were really suffering. Every time I stroke one of my children’s hair or look into their faces, my heart bleeds for the parents who have lost theirs. Images of grief stricken parents flashing before my eyes… Carrying on seems almost selfish. The risk of forgetting…cruel. That it continues…a grave injustice!
With the last 10 days of the fasting month already here, I figured the most constructive form of help now, is in prayer. I know this cause lies deeper in the hearts of some than others, and that’s ok. But what would this space be if I didn’t express exactly how I feel. My soul is restless and my heart is heavy and  making sense of it all has been near impossible.
So please forgive my sombre mood. And lets all just take a little moment to remember those suffering. If not for the same cause as me, then at the very least for the people that are oppressed. May the Almighty ease their pain and suffering and accept all our heartfelt cries to the heavens. Indeed these next few days are most powerful in Him hearing our call…

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