A Bond Unbroken

Another year older. Another year wiser. 365 days closer than we were before…


Birthdays are little milestones, markings…a celebration of how far we’ve come. Reflecting on the time that has passed. Gratitude for our blessings. Acceptance for the things unchanged…As my little sister celebrated her birthday last weekend, I wanted to write something special for her and capture the special bond we have…


There’s a lot of things I didn’t bargain for when you came into the world. For starters, I didn’t think we’d land up being best friends. I know I hated being categorised as ‘mom’s babies’ with you…but perhaps, that is where it all started (thank you Mom!). I don’t remember the precise moment you stopped being my thumb sucking baby sister and grew up to be my friend….but whenever that was, I am deeply grateful, for I can’t picture any of our many adventures, taking place without you!

We trekked together through dancing school, and primary school…school concerts and theatre productions (and some backyard productions too)… and you made me join you for Saturday morning gymnastics lessons too! I helped you with homework and essays and analysing your  English literature…I helped you write stories, and sometimes I wrote them for you just because I had a thousand things I could say on the topic! What I liked best, was when we walked home together after school…me, you, the clear blue sky and the secrets we would share (even though you were no good at keeping them!)…about life and crushes and everything in between.

You helped me cook (and sample) the Sunday meal…played dress up together till well past our teens…and when it was just you and I left to share a room, we painted it mint green! Half eaten burgers and trips to the mall…Movies, Comedies and must see sitcoms and series…We have been through it all. And though our paths diverged when you went to University and forged your career, there was something in our bond that was, and is, unbreakable!

You had to accompany me on my first (second, third and fourth) date…and even when we found love, you didn’t stop being my number 1 friend! So many things we did, we did together and if we didn’t do it together, we planned it together… after a while, I hardly even felt like the older sister!

Over the passing years, there are countless things that have strengthened  our bond and makes it special and unique. Shared moments and cherished memories have led us to today. Where conversations last for hours; about  everything, anything and nothing at all. Food, fashion, exercise regimes and fad diets. Funny quotes and inspiration…for every single thought, you are my sounding board.

I rely on you to make me laugh when all I want to do is cry; and sometimes you make me laugh so hard that tears roll out of my eyes! I can always count on you to tell the truth. Straight up. Unpolished. Just as it is. You’re the one who will crawl on her knees, sit on the floor, jump around doing foolish with the kids…and when all is done, you will also entice us all to climb onto the bed next to you. You might be a little selfish with the chocolate…but you are unselfish with your love, ‘cos you know all my silly little quirks…and despite it all, I know you love me still!

Our younger years have faded fast and our paths have led us on a slightly different course; but I don’t think we ever saw each other less than equals. And even after all these years; with so many memories in between;  our bond remains unbroken, our bond remains the same!!


Not really a belated Happy Birthday, cos I know you celebrate the entire month of May!!!
Love Always,
  NAMU 🙂

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