Music and Memories

The power of an old song can trigger off vivid memories and transport us back in time, even if just for a few moments. A single song can evoke such strong memories within us, that I sometimes find myself turning up the volume, smiling in amusement at some distant memory and humming along! There are so many songs that are intricately tied to my childhood and sometimes a song or melody may cause a specific memory to resurface, or very often it is just a reminder of a time lost, but never forgotten…nostalgia at it’s best… and a crashing reminder that I am getting old!!

Over the past few years it has become a tradition of sorts for us to revisit our old favourite musicals with the help of  productions held at the Artscapes Theatre in Cape Town. These musicals  have transported us back in time and allow us to recapture  melodies that house little pieces of our memory box and brings them to life in a spectacular way as we relive songs, dances; and in the case of my oldest sister, dialogues as well.
Abba, Grease, Dirty Dancing…These productions have become something we look forward to! This year The Sound of Music took centre stage and did not disappoint!! From the spectacular set design, to the brilliant casting of Maria and professionalism displayed by the little kids… to the heart and soul of the show, the Orchestra…who brought the hills  audience alive with the sound of music… and our hearts alive with nostalgic sentiment…we were captivated from the very first note!
It’s hard to believe that this musical first made it’s debut on Broadway in the 1950’s (although we are familiar with the movie version of the 60’s) and it is still enchanting audiences today! We attended the show on Saturday and since our kids are fast becoming teens and tweens; this year we thought it would be a good idea to include them in the musical memories of our youth gone past and in the process, create musical memories of their own!

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