New Year. New Me!

For the longest time I had allowed life to just happen to me and dealt with the hand I had been given. Nothing was planned, not even having my kids! I had become a soldier to my circumstances and for a while, it dictated my mind…I unwittingly became absorbed in the day to day mundane.  I merely just  existed.

The thing about breaking free is that we sometimes soar aimlessly for a while. Lost in the clouds…in the beauty of the view… living from sunrise to sunset, only thinking of tomorrow and we neglect to plot our course forward.

For the first time in a long time, I am master of my own mind! No longer enslaved and entrapped by anger, hurt, sorrow. For the first time in a long time I am more than just free. I am also in control… And with that, I realise that I need to steer myself to the shores I wish to reach.
Our mind is a powerful tool, that we often underestimate and never use to it’s full potential. It is capable of conquering great things if only we learnt how to tame our thoughts and direct it into action. If we can apply ourselves with the same vigour and determination we do to clamber out of the dark pits of despair…then our time in the light can be so much more fruitful.
So I guess there is beauty and wisdom in making resolutions…whether it’s made in a new year or a new day doesn’t really matter I guess…it’s merely acknowledging a need for change, and planning a way to achieve it. If we set out little goals for ourselves and set out to train our minds to achieve it, who knows; after 365days, we may be better than we are today!
I don’t usually make new years resolutions; besides the obvious “this year I am going to lose weight!” It’s not really that I don’t believe in it…it’s just that I never thought I had the discipline to stick to something for 365days! This year I would like to make a change…This year, I want to plot my course, choose a direction and hopefully reach the shore…
 So that’s it from me for now…I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year and hope you manage to achieve whatever it is that you have set out to accomplish!


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