My Truths – The Ugly Truth

Nobody chooses their circumstances. Nobody asks to be born into poverty…yet day after day there are children born amidst the horror of extreme deprivation, starvation, desolation…

Nobody wants to be brought up in war…yet day after day new life springs into places where the only horizons seem to be doom. Where gunpowder and rotting flesh is the only smell they will ever know.

 Nobody wants to be a part of broken lives. A part of wars that are not theirs to begin with. Part of oppression, pain and sorrow. Yet, in us all, lies an ugly truth we are hiding from the world.

If a mother could shelter her offspring from all the ugly truths that exist in this world, she would. The truth is, for every beautiful, wonderful thing; there is an equally tortuous ugly! For every best friend…an enemy. For every smile…a tear. For every happiness…a hurt buried deep.

Some truths, we cannot just ‘un-know’…We cannot erase them from our minds and carry on. Some truths are a burden we will have to bare until the end of our days. It will weigh us down and eat at us…gnawing at our core in a parasitic haze…But some truths, however ugly they may be, gives us reason to fight the darkness and strive towards the sun.

I refuse to bare the burden of someone else’s mistakes! Refuse to become a part of the tangled vine of wretched, miserable souls. Tortured by the mistakes, wrongs, the hidden secrets of others. I do not want that reality…

I cannot un-know what I know. But I can choose how I deal with it. I can choose to languish perpetually in the shadow of someone else’s truth…or I can forge forward, creating a better truth for myself.

We have no control of our circumstances, but we can control our destinies…I believe, that without the shadows that loom over us, we wouldn’t strive as valiantly towards the light. For the strongest tree was once a small seed buried in the dark depths of the sand…..

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