Broken Silence

Those moments of peace and quiet, sitting in the car of a slowly filling parking lot. Tapping my fingers on the steering wheel, humming along to an old familiar song of yesteryear; a song I actually know the words to. The passenger next to me, peers outside the window the way puppies do at passing cars. Contentment.
Finger trickling over numbers and digits, mouth curling at some amusing Facebook update. And then the wait is over…Searching through the flurry of bodies, I see the flapping strands of hair, broad smile, missing teeth; followed closely by a bouncing ponytail. My eyes, my nose, on 2 different bodies, staring back at me!
And then it happens. Violently flinging doors, open and shut. Surfboard dive onto the backseat of the car. High pitched voices…This, I’m sure, they don’t get from me!!
Squirrel on the lip…You’re so ugly…Alien toes…Your face is a disappointment. The words fly like missiles through the air. MOM!… HAHAHA!…Tears…Energy too big, confined in a space too small. The 10 minute drive home seems eternal.
My favourite tune, drowned out by the flying words. I seriously want to laugh; sometimes I do; but it only makes it worse! Sometimes, like chalk scraped against the chalkboard, my voice chimes in. A high pitched shriek  plea.
The car halts, and they pour out of the doors like cooldrink out of a glass too full. I linger in the car a little while longer, enveloped in the final seconds of solace before I have to get out and face the noise…The kids are home from school, and the peace has been shattered like a porcelain vase hitting the floor!

 *p.s. I love my kids and most certainly enjoy Motherhood…noise and all.

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