Happy Birthday Waseem

Image courtesy of Larry English

I was exactly the age you are now when you were born. A massive 4.9 kilo’s, smack bang in the middle of my matric final exams!!

You gave me my first taste of motherhood, even though I’m only your Aunt…But I guess, when your mother is my sister; Aunt and Mother has one and the same meaning. You might not remember your beginning years…but a lot of it was spent at Naani’s home, and for your first 4 years, my home too.

You might not remember sleeping over every weekend. And you might not remember sleeping between me and Moon.  You can’t possibly remember me sitting on the stoep feeding you, or that even from then, you enjoyed my food. You won’t remember that I would wake up in the middle of the night to give you your medicine when you were sick, and you might not even remember that we taught you to read at the tender age of 4…that all your aunts played a role in rearing you.

But, I remember. And I remember dearly. And I will always remember…and even though I am dwarfed by your height now; you will always be my little Waseem.

You are very lucky to have a mother in all of us! Especially today, when you are receiving a Mother’s duaas fourfold…and a  Love, that is eternal.

Happy 17th Birthday
Love Always,

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