Simple Treasures

We are living such a fast paced lifestyle, stuck
in a superficial rat race. From beeping phones to flickering red lights
reminding us of a string of unread messages, to a host of other modern day
diversions….we tend to get easily distracted and lose out on the small
things. Whether it’s a conversation with an almost 4 year old, reading a book
or making a birthday countdown chart; or encouraging words offered to a
pre-teen, coupled with a coffee date, milkshakes and shopping; or a hilarious
story told by a 9 year old while curled up in bed just before bedtime, and
getting equally soaked into a video game together….I know I’m sometimes
guilty of telling them to hold. Although I’m a hands on mom, sometimes I get
distracted and lose out on life’s biggest treasures, that are often found in
the smallest of things…

There are some days we get lost in the world,
where we chase things that are meaningless…where our smiles are brought about
by fickle things. There are times when we lose out on life’s biggest treasures,
because we are blinded by the mirages of the world. Mirages built by human
hands, sold to us by human souls. There are times we lose out to the countless
treasures, because we become distracted….lured by the charms of a shallow

But there are moments too, when we are reminded
of our gifts. Reminded by a smile; reminded by a tear; reminded by the cheerful
banter from the backseat of the car; reminded by the roaring laughter at the
dinner table. These are the moments that the smile starts from the depths of
your heart, and gets tattooed in your mind as a warm memory. These are life’s
biggest treasures, found in the smallest of things, sometimes lost because our
heads are clouded and we are distracted by the charms of the world….






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