Vintage for Charity

While most
of Cape Town was cuddled up in warm woollies as one of the worst ever Cape Ice
Storms hit us, my sisters and I braved the winter chills, drenched in vintage
apparel, in aid of charity. Even before Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great
Gatsby, I’ve always had a love for all things vintage. From my wedding dress to
home decor…everything has a touch of vintage inspiration….and as the world embraces
flapper dresses, red lips and Mary Jane’s; and Hollywood stars incorporate
aspects of the trend to their red carpet wardrobe; I got a chance to live out
my Great Gatsby fantasy…for The Sunflower Fund’s Vintage Fever charity event.
Whimsical lace, feathers and boa’s, red lips, printed stockings and plenty of
bling, was the order of the day!!


Sunflower Fund is a non-profit organisation that creates awareness for the need
of bone marrow donors from all ethnic and mixed ethnic groups. Its main
objective is to educate and raise funds to build and sustain an effective South
African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR), and improve the chance of life saving transplants
for serious blood disorder sufferers. They also help raise funds for those who
would otherwise not be able to afford these expensive procedures. It is an
organisation that provides hope where hope was lost, and offers a chance of
survival to the kids suffering with leukaemia and other rare and serious blood
disorders. In this effort to create awareness, The Sunflower Fund hosts various
charity events, one of which I attended on Sunday.


With my
cousin Sameera Parker at the helm of organising this event, my sisters and I
had an opportunity to host a table and got our creative juices flowing, with
the offer of awesome prizes awarded to the best dressed and best table centre
piece!!! Vintage teapots and tea sets, vintage themed cupcakes in vintage
teacups, feathers, pearls and chocolaty goodness in between, our table was
short listed as a contender for best table and centre piece, which we
unfortunately didn’t win. All was not lost though. Lace dress, Mary-Jane’s,
feather headpiece and feather boa draped around her shoulders, my little sister
made her way to take her spot as one of the top 10 best dressed at the event!!
Seeing her stand up there, broad smile, obviously quite chuffed with herself,
she resembled her 10 year old self standing in line to receive her school


While the
event itself was very entertaining, more importantly, I am glad I had an
opportunity to have been involved in this fund. I was especially touched by a mom’s
very emotional account of her child’s battle with the disease. As a mother, I
am always sensitive to the needs of kids. My emotions become heightened to the
suffering of children around the globe. Every book, TV programme or news report
about children always strikes a chord with me. My children are my life, and the
children that are suffering, have mothers whose lives are falling apart too…
Although I haven’t plucked up enough courage to become a donor myself, I did go
out and get a My School card in the name of The Sunflower Fund. At least in
that way they will always have my continued support…



Our beautifully decorated table

Moon pretending to assemble the centrepice that I had already completed lol!
The Centrepiece
Setting the scene for the perfect vintage tea party


I’m quite proud of these gorgeous (and tasty) Vintage inspired cupcakes with my mother in law’s Vintage Tea cups the perfect accessory, making them look even more appetising!

Aaaah let’s not forget a bit of feathers….Love it!

Home made chocolate brownies

There was no competing with Moon on this day.  Even her cake got more attention than my cupcakes and she bought hers at Woolworths! Haha!

The finer details

These may not be vintage but in today’s day and age no tea party is complete without yummy savouries!


Abdur and Deed

 Samhita Govender, Me, Moon, Ayesha Royker

(Seated from left:  Joemyma, Tohiera and Wajeah)
It was so great to see so many people put in the effort to stick to the theme in such horrible weather all in the name of the Suflower Fund.

Moon, Ayesha Royker and Me

Samhita Govender was one of the Lucky Draw Winners!

My gorgeous Mum and her sisters

Pretending to be a ’20s flapper girl for the day was so much fun!
PHOTOBOOTH FUN courtesy of Blaksheep Photography

This gorgeous fur coat I’m wearing belonged to my mother and she spent the entire afternoon telling anyone who would listen how much i resembled her in her heyday…..such a compliment!


My initial inspiration came from all things’20s  a la The Great Gatsby.

Moon decided to channel the modern day queen of vintage, the charachter Blair Waldorf in    Gossip Girl

I think she nailed it!



Singing in the Rain
Best Dressed Nominee

Always one who knows how to accessorise any outfit!

Up on stage eagerly awaiting the announcement

So I may not have made it to the overall top 10 but im pretty sure i was top 2 at our table 😉


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