My Truths- Be thankful

Beauty is not achieved from the outside, it is a destination that starts in the beating heart, transported through our actions towards mankind, and then rests itself in our outward appearances, and the face we show the world. I’ve seen beautiful people look ugly, and beauty in the unassuming. When we are striving to be better individuals, our exterior is merely an accessory.
Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to look a certain way based on the standards of the media and society. Our minds are bombarded with images and we start to believe that that is the reality we should be living in, and we lose sight of the bigger picture.
A good example of this is the way the media portrays celebrities, springing into shape so soon after pregnancies or how they are ridiculed when they are unable to do so.  Tabloids scoff at the sign of even the slightest bit of weight gain, cellulite, bad skin or anything else on the long list of imperfections that we ‘normal’ people face on a daily basis.  As a result we place the burden on ourselves to follow suit, failing hopelessly, and feeling miserable. Fashion itself seems to be solely marketed for thin people, made for thin people, modelled by thin people.
So often we get caught up in chasing these ideals, get lost in someone else’s idea of what perfection is, and become unhappy and ungrateful with what are certainly blessings. Sometimes we just need to put things into perspective. While it’s important to look after our health and our bodies, it’s also important to not lose ourselves in this fickle society we live in. Here is an excerpt from an old journal entry that helped put things into perspective for me and I am sharing it with you in the hope that it does the same for you!
“How can I be angry with this body?
How can I be angry with the legs upon which I walk…
How can I be angry with these fingers that yield the pen with which I write…
How can I be angry with this belly that has concealed, nurtured, and protected 3children; for 9 months…
How could I desire anything else, when YOU have provided me with all these gifts…
Time…though you move but slowly, you sure wreak havoc!!!
Raven locks may turn to grey, but look at the wisdom gained.
Belly might be laden with lines, but look at the treasures that came from within.
Those fine lines that cling to your face, maps to your laughter and sorrow.
Those arms, though not youthful and lithe; a comfort, an embrace, a helping hand to someone.
How can I be angry with this body, when it is healthy and not plagued by sickness.
How can I be angry with this body, when it is merely a vessel for my soul”




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